Nov 17, 2010
The Great Shopping Saga

He spoke: No, I would not shout at her.. I had made my mind firm and decided that even though this evening would test my patience and bring it to the threshold, I would not lose my temper. Shahjahan or whoever had built such a huge monument for his wife, could I not bear a couple of hours shopping?

She spoke: I should have known in the beginning that something would definitely go wrong. When I asked him whether he wanted to come shopping, he smiled(yes, actually smiled) and told a yes. I was so moved that I promised to myself that I would keep the duration short, not buy anything other than what I needed (which was a plain silk saree which I wanted to wear at veena's reception)..

He spoke: The requirement seemed simple. A plain silk saree. Color: No specification (I should have realized then that no specification translates to 'not yet decided' and can cover the entire RGB spectrum). It looked like a simple task, goto a shop, ask for a plain silk saree, since color is undecided, pick up any of the colors he displayed and return. Simple!

She spoke: The collections in the first two shops we went were really bad, not many choices, rates were expensive. The third shop looked good, friendly shopkeepers, a variety of sarees.. The one I really liked was the gree color saree with the zari border. I wanted it in blue, a navy blue plain silk saree with a small zari border at the bottom. He seemed to have every color other than navy blue.. And I did not want to settle for anything other than that.. So, walk out and search for another shop.

He spoke: Requirements cannot change so rapidly. Probably it does in a woman's world while shopping. It had changed from a plain saree to a plain saree with a zari border. An average of 20 mins in each shop, the last one was ok, they had a tv showing today's cricket match. I had finished 2 packets of chips, one packet of groundnut and 1 frooti. Boredom and restlessness were beginning to creep in, but no, a faint resolve still lingered in..

She spoke: Maruthi silks is really good, wonder why no one told me about it before.. There were other attractive colors, actually dont want the navy blue with a border even if they showed me. I think the green one with the small flowers looks good, probably will settle for it. I asked him how much is it. He has all the audacity to reply 4k, not your range madam! Just because I asked him to show sarees within 3k, did it mean, I could not afford to buy a 4k saree? What did he mean by not your range? I cannot stand such horrible CRM skills, morever there are too many customers here, there are other shops in blore. So, walk out and search for another shop.

He spoke: I dont understand, she actually liked a saree, asked the price, he told her and she didnt like it???? What should he have done then? She would have been angry if he had not told her the price also.. Sigh, this shop was good, there was AC and the chick buying  a salwar in the other counter looked  cute also..It has been 1hr 45 mins now, no sign of this torture ending..

She spoke: Finally, I found the saree, my range, the color I like, beautiful prints, texture is soft.. There seems to be a long queue in the cash counter, it is okay. We have spent so much of time, another 15 mins should be fine.. Anyway, he seems comfortably chatting on the phone...

He spoke: Cant believe, finally, it is done, she is in the cash counter queue(implies she finally bought what she wanted), another 10 mins and we are out of the shopping. I am tired, bored, restless, but yes, I did not lose my temper.. Hurray, pat on the back!!

She spoke: Hold on, something seems wrong, this one looks familiar even though I like it..Have I seen it before, was it another shop, another person? Oh god, Aditya's cousin shruthi was wearing the same saree in the wedding we attended last week.. and she will be attending veena's reception next week also.. I am not going to be seen in something similar.. Have to look at other options.

He spoke: WTF?? She abandoned the queue and went back to the saree section. Initially I thought she had forgotten her cellphone or purse or something and went behind her. No, it is just that someone else has a similar outfit.. Eh? I asked her if she was Queen Victoria or someone or she should rather hire a designer so that she can wear exclusive costumes which no one else wears. And that was it, madam was almost in tears.. But seriously this is the limit, you cannot waste 2 hrs of an evening buying one damn bloody saree!

She spoke: He had to shout at me in front of all the sales girls there. Had to speak in that sarcastic nasty tone in front of other customers. My evening is spoilt. I am NOT going shopping with him anymore. Period.

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May 30, 2010
Kites - it did fly

I liked the movie.

-For the sheer ability of one guy to carry off with such elan. You have to watch him dance, watch him talk a million expressions through his eyes and lips.

-For depicting love in its truest and rawest form.

-For attempting something different. No background dancers at the drop of a hat, no fight sequences where one hero mauls at least a dozen villians.

Style without substance was once scorned upon by intellectual movie goers. Probably it is still scorned, who cares, I want 3 hrs of entertainment, and entertain, it surely did!!

p.s: Was wondering whether I was the only person who liked this movie, but the master reviewer  also liked it!

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Sep 6, 2006
Unusual plane incident

Found this on planecrashinfo.com

On November 24, 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper boarded a Boeing 727, Northwest Airlines, Flight 305 at Portland Oregon bound for Seattle Washington. Soon after the plane took off , Cooper, seated in seat 18C, stated he had a bomb. He demanded $200,000 in cash and several parachutes. After the plane landed at Seattle, the passengers were allowed to leave. Cooper and four crew members took off with his instructions to fly towards Mexico. The pilot was instructed to fly no higher that 10,000 feet and below 200 mph. He asked the flight attendant how to open the tail stairway and ordered her to the front of the plane. Shortly after, the crew felt a thud and Cooper jumped from the plane with a 21 lb. package of money tied to his waist. He was never heard from again. Despite a massive search, no sign of him was ever found. The FBI calculated he landed somewhere near Ariel, Washington. Cooper jumped into the darkness at 7 below zero temperatures with strong winds and freezing rain. He was not equipped to survive in the wilderness. Cooper, who became somewhat of a folk-hero in succeeding years, was probably killed in the jump or succumbed to the elements. The day after the skyjacking, FBI agents checked out a Portland man with the name D.B. Cooper but quickly cleared him. The newspapers picked up on it and incorrectly call the hijacker D.B. Cooper which stuck and was never corrected. In 1980, a boy playing on the banks of the Colombia River found 5,800 dollars in 20 dollar bills buried in the sand which matched the serial number of the money given to Cooper. Cooper’s lasting contribution to aircraft design is the "Cooper Vane," a latching device on Boeing 727s that prevents the tail stairway from being lowered in flight.

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Aug 17, 2006
Mentally stagnating

When you are holed up in a foreign country surrounded by people whose wavelength differs from yours by 10 to the power of 3, life takes a turn from bad to worse. Add to this work which you detest, rather the absence of work which you detest, a pathetic attempt at cooking which reflects on your weight and countrymen who fail to understand english is indeed a language. The nicest part is the countryside with its breathtaking landscape and its beauty! The countdown has begun, I will be leaving soon..Will I come back? I dont want to, no I do want to.. Mixed feelings rule.

Time will tell.

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Jul 14, 2006
Of Sudbanhoff, laptops and vegetable curry..

A 5kg laptop, 1 km walk from derag to sudbanhoff, 2 trains, 1 bus, 3 people, 0 ticket   s.. all this in a place 9 hrs in flight from home.. suddenly my mind is floating with statistics..Am I really onsite? Can I actually cook? I think so, 1 week later, I am still alive that too in excellent shape(touch wood!!).

Its a strange experience, trains are always on time, people give you a nod, a smile even if they do not know you, directions are very clear and toilets are very clean!!

The world is a small place. I met a girl who was once a classmate, another was a tuitionmate.Faces recalled from somewhere in the memory, vague remembrances which were stacked away unaware they might be recalled one day..

I am in frankfurt!!

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May 5, 2006
Appraisal - Redefining attitude to work

Time: 3:00

Place: Conference Room

I was tired, had braved the horrible heat and come all the way to office just to listen to 40 mins of non-stop preaching and crap.

"So how has the past year been?"

"Fine, I have worked on a couple of projects, have led them to the completion stage sucessfully. I have worked overtime to see to it that all the projects have been submitted within the deadline. There have been quite a few appreciation mails from the client, not a single escalation."

"You mean to say you dont have any drawbacks?"

"I never said that sir. I do need to improve upon adhering to quality guidelines and all that."

"Of course, of course. You have been doing a pretty good job. What queries and issues do you have?"

"Well, I feel the job has become monotonous. I need a change. I need to be exposed to other technologies. And why no onsite opp--"

I was cut short. The preaching begun

"Monotonous! I hate the word." He looked at my PL who was sitting to my right

"The problem with IT industry is people have toooo many opportunities. Hence too many complaints. You go and inquire in banks, factories and other places. This term is new to them. Nothing called monotonous. People do the same job for years together. That is when something called expertise comes in. "

"No sir. What I meant is-"

"No, No, listen to me. I dont say stick to a particular technology. I agree that you should be exposed to technologies, but look at things from my viewpoint.."

I switched off my mind. I think he finished 25 mins later.  He had droned about various case studies, team spirit, management problems, perseverance, positive attitude, future vision,value additions and similar jargon. I smiled faintly.

"Anything else?" he inquired.

"No, nothing". I smiled faintly.

"We all appreciate your good work, but appraisal is not the end of the world"


"I mean, we all will hope for the best, but in case the rating is not satisfactory, you know it is beyond my control."

I walked out fuming.

One thing was sure, I would redefine my attitude towards work. No more staying late, con-calls would have to be postponed. And yeah, I would start looking for another job. Probably, another set if problems there, another set of managers. Have I become disillusioned with life? Probably..

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Apr 14, 2006
Is this love?

..The moment was magical. It was as if all the forces in this world had stood still just to observe us. He looked deep into my eyes. I stood there shivering. I wished fervently that the moment would never pass..It was too tough to measure the intensity of my feelings at that instant. He asked me if I really had to go.. Yes, Yes, every nerve in my body shouted YES.."NO" I told him.. its ok..

This scene would keep repeating in my head another thousand times..Probably this is what people said "being in love"..No hurdle seemed too difficult to cross. I was floating in the clouds for most part of the day. I used to dream about him while sleeping in the night and in the morning, his image was the first thing to flash before my eyes!!

There would be heartbreaks later.. I would curse not having given back to him properly. I would regret not having told a NO... All this would come later one day in a flood gushing out from the heart. that was later.. The heart is an illogical organ. It loves torturing the being. the mind tries to rule, but sometimes fails!! that was the beauty of LOVE..

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Apr 7, 2006
An Awesomely Touching Performance

Yesterday, I attended a dance program as a part of the Faculty Development Program in the ICFAI campus. Appa was the coordinator for the whole show, so basically went to hog good food!! But what I saw caused non-stop crying for a good 2 mins..

The Bharathnatyam dance was conducted by students of the Ramana Maharshi Academy for the blind. There were totally 7 students, all visually impaired, but the perfection they exhibited in their dance made me feel it was me who was impaired!!

The confidence was amazing, the synchronization perfect. All the steps and movements were amazingly coordinated and showed their seriousness in the performance!!

The students have given their "Arangetram" and the main dancer of them is the first visually challenged student to have finished his senior exam in dancing.

The dance lasted for around 2 hours. At the end of it, we all gave a standing ovation. There wasnt a single soul in the entire auditorium who wasnt moved or who wasnt secretly wiping tears!!

I think it is we who are the impaired people. We are blessed with all the perfect senses and hence fail to make use of them!!

God bless all of them!!



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Mar 24, 2006
THE Past Week

I was away the last week.. Grammatically incorrect, probably..not that I care.

Away from the comp, away from mails, away from Orkut and MTV.. Heartening thing is I am still alive and in a definitely better frame of mind.

The long holiday in Halmutur didnt make any noticeable significance in my life.. I mean, I wasnt struck by a bolt of lightning and realize the value of life or I didnt discover some dark hidden dirty family secret.. However the following points:

1. Being in the company of friends 24/7 MIGHT result in frayed nerves. Frayed nerves are a sign of failing health.

2. I realized I like puppies, even if they were born out of stray dogs and will eventually become stray dogs..

3. When you are 24 and not yet married, you should have a looot of guts to face aunts, grandmothers and members of similar clans.

4. P.G.Wodehouse was truly a remarkable genius.

5. Training freshers requires a hell lot of stamina.

6. Holiday hangovers are terrible..

Probably some more, but I am unaware of them...        

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Mar 14, 2006
From student to teacher!!

   The thought is exhilirating..(not sure of the spelling).. the thought of meeting a bunch of  around 14+ enthusiastic freshers..the thought of convincing them that the technology I work for is the best in terms of career and money.. the thought of telling them that their career has on the best roadmap ever..the thought of instilling in them the seriousness of the first project..he thought of convincing people with  a conviction you dont feel!!

   It feels great to be on the other side of the fence and train the students.. I am feeling nervous and of course excited.. Just a one day session, but still...

   The future is all too predictable.. the enthusiasm falls down or is pushed down after a couple of months.. blame it on appraisals, managers, cranky clients... blame, blame and blame...see to it that you are justifying ur stagnation..



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