Jul 14, 2006
Of Sudbanhoff, laptops and vegetable curry..

A 5kg laptop, 1 km walk from derag to sudbanhoff, 2 trains, 1 bus, 3 people, 0 ticket   s.. all this in a place 9 hrs in flight from home.. suddenly my mind is floating with statistics..Am I really onsite? Can I actually cook? I think so, 1 week later, I am still alive that too in excellent shape(touch wood!!).

Its a strange experience, trains are always on time, people give you a nod, a smile even if they do not know you, directions are very clear and toilets are very clean!!

The world is a small place. I met a girl who was once a classmate, another was a tuitionmate.Faces recalled from somewhere in the memory, vague remembrances which were stacked away unaware they might be recalled one day..

I am in frankfurt!!

Posted at 11:27 pm by pritall

July 17, 2006   02:17 PM PDT
yes, definetly strange place. otherwise, you generally dont get garlic+onion sambar in temple for food.

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