Aug 17, 2006
Mentally stagnating

When you are holed up in a foreign country surrounded by people whose wavelength differs from yours by 10 to the power of 3, life takes a turn from bad to worse. Add to this work which you detest, rather the absence of work which you detest, a pathetic attempt at cooking which reflects on your weight and countrymen who fail to understand english is indeed a language. The nicest part is the countryside with its breathtaking landscape and its beauty! The countdown has begun, I will be leaving soon..Will I come back? I dont want to, no I do want to.. Mixed feelings rule.

Time will tell.

Posted at 04:42 pm by pritall

September 5, 2006   12:43 AM PDT
aha !!! lady when it comes to sarcasm...guess others ve to take a backseat...and i ve a serious contention with bach... amnt i t presi of ur fan club ????
August 22, 2006   09:34 PM PDT
The same person who keeps forgetting his name ...
the same .. who is chairperson of your fan club..
an your only friend who is stuck in a horrible( as you put it ) place..
August 21, 2006   04:54 PM PDT
@name: Can i know your full name? ;)
August 20, 2006   08:08 PM PDT
i am having very same feeling here .. indeed ;-)))
August 17, 2006   09:29 PM PDT
so PT its 10 .8. 9. ...............
tmrw its going to be 0 right? :)

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